Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn Leaves . . .

This is the view I see when
I stand in the front yard of my
house on the outskirts
of LaPorte County, Northern Indiana ....
Some gold .....

. . . and the BIG Burning Bush that is taller than my garage
roof is beginning a slow burn . . .

Here's one
of the two
big pines we
have in the front,
the ones I call

And here, a jogger
was nice enough to hustle by so
you have a good perspective
of the tree's size.

Its nice to live where there are
visible changes in the season.
It gets you "in the mood" to do things . . .
for all the "necessary changes"

. . . like making wonderful apple scented melting tarts, and cinnamon bun tarts . . .
The necessary closet changes

as seasonal clothing is put away,
and warm clothes are aired out and
put in place for days when
layering is necessary, but a coat isn't needed.

And its good to sleep with the window
open just a crack, getting in cold air,
so snuggling is fun!


Ecclesiastes 3: 1

For everything there is a season, and time for every purpose under heaven . . .


Jai Johnson said...

Oh how beautiful, Lauren! I thought our pine trees were big...which they are TALL...but not filled out like yours are. Thanks for sharing the beauty in your corner of the world.

Iris said...

Gorgeous - and I love the pine. Pine trees are my favorite trees, though ours aren't usually that pretty and full.