Thursday, October 2, 2008

What? ... a commercial already?

My husband is a sneak! He loves to catch me unaware. His day is made when he can sneak up on me ... and he claims its the "indian" in him. Do you know how frustrating this is?There was a well-known American Indian tribe by our last name, but he's a stubborn German, through and through.

Last week, I did my usual thing and went to a half price day. When I go to the Goodwill a town over, I make a point of never wearing makeup and just "go as I am".

Why? Easy! No one knows the difference!

No one expects anything of me, and its fun. I don't run into people I know, and I can just be "Lauren: Plain and Simple!" Yeah!

So here's a bit of a word from my "sponsor". This is my place of release! Here's where I shop and have nearly guilt-free spending ... to some degree. Does it look like your Goodwill? Are they the same all over?

So here I was being caught unaware ... thanks to the Sneak of Sneaks!

Luckily my head was down ... not that it would matter. See the stylish couture?

And the basket! Good grief - notice the basket! Its not overflowing! Oh, wait - I know why:

He was with. When I go by myself, I bring a lot more out ... then just kind of assemble it in the house.

One thing that amazes me is that men not only have selective hearing, but selective vision. I can ask him if he's seen the something that's been sitting in the same spot for months, and then when I tell him that I've sold it, he can have a completely blank look and tell me he's never seen it before, and where did I get that?? He such a ... a ... a ... MAN!

I'll get back to the subject of this blog, which is actually to show you around Michigan City, but because he thought he was being so sly, here ya go ... and that's the end of the commercial.

He who seeks good finds goodwill (God's favor), but God's curse come to those who seach for evil.


Jai Johnson said...

LOL...gotta love those MEN! Our Goodwill looks totally different than yours. We have two here, and they look totally different than each other - probably because they are in older buildings that were previously other things.

CookieBabe said...

Interesting, Jai! It seems that all the ones in Indiana have the same fronts, floor layouts, etc. Wonder what that's all about? Evidentally, they have a lot of money from us!