Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow today . . . Gone tomorrow?

We really got a load of snow yesterday . . . You can hardly see where my front steps should be.
The weatherman SAYS it'll hit 50 tomorrow. Will that mean Indiana will have its first mudslides? Should make for interesting AFTER shots.
God sure has a sense of humor. Seems to be saying "Look what I can do ... and tomorrow, I'll take it all away!" AMAZING! Wow, talk about some drifting . . . And to think I slept through this wind?
My beautiful old evergreens, heavy with snow . . . Poor ole girls!

Those are flowering shrubs under the three windows . . . They'll be fine!

Roxie didn't seem to mind. It wasn't really COLD.

Look how perfectly the snow fell on my car!

UGH - NO shovelling for me . . .

Yep - The insulation is working!

Always in our tail when taking photos!

And to think I can' t find my boots....


Country Cottage Chic said...

Great photos! Seems we are all getting snow, even where I live where it is a rarity so we enjoy it for a few days!

CookieBabe said...

I never realized that you rarely got snow! Why didn't I know that? How can I be this age and not know! Ay-yay-yay!!